Michael has access to several of the top studios in his area. What does this mean? Simply this: No longer is not being present physically a barrier to delivering top-quality voice product.

Because, thanks to Internet technology, Michael can be there virtually, for an audition or for the gig itself.

Patching you in via phone-patch allows you to direct Michael over the phone, and receive your content the same way.

Or there's ISDN-- the ability to direct and edit and save the material in real-time whether Michael is one block away or one continent away.

There's FTP -- uploading the digital voice files to a webserver for you to download at your convenience.

Or even good old-fashioned Federal Express. Your product is burned to a CD and sent to you expedited using either your own courier account or, on projects over $350 USD, as part of the service.

Geography means nothing. Michael's voice can be brought to you no matter where you are as easily as clicking the mouse on your computer. Download his voice demo from the demo page and imagine receiving your final product just as easily.

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