Michael McAdam is an actor with a strong background in improvisational comedy. He has over 20 years' experience on stage, screen, and for the last four years, behind the microphone as a voice-over professional.

Michael is a pop-culture buff. Ask him if he knows "that guy from that show" and he can probably tell you who you mean. Raised on Saturday Morning cartoons and situation comedies, his sense of humour and love of television lend a unique air to his voice-over reads. He also still reads comic books.

Michael is the kind of guy who can really connect with an audience. And over the microphone, that's important! He can make you feel at ease, get you all excited, or relax you with a cheerful, easygoing kind of read.

Michael is married and has two children; his family provides a stabling influence in his life, for which he (and they!) are truly grateful.

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